Further Information

Before attending a coached session please complete the Participant_Information_and_Parental_Consent_Form and either email to info@triathloninverness.co.uk or bring it with you to discuss with the coach. Please note it is your responsibility to notify the coach in charge of the session of any medical conditions / injuries which may affect you ability to participate. If you require any additional assistance to attend our sessions feel free to contact info@triathloninverness.co.uk and we will arrange to phone you before the session.

Handy Hints

Swim Warm-up

The YTWL!Swim Warm Up – please arrive promptly so that you can begin the land-based warm-up before 9pm to maximise pool time.

You can even print this off and use it for every session you complete in the week!

Swim Training Sets

An example session is available here Session Plan – Swim 4. You can print it off and complete again and again between club sessions.

The more you do in your own time the faster you will see results. You should be aiming to do a similar session at least once a week, along with a volume session and practicing your drills.