Triathlon Inverness Tri BitesJuly 20, 2017

Here’s another instalment of Tri Bites from July.

There’s more to come but too much to fit into this one edition so watch this space for another one coming soon.

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In the meantime, grab a cuppa and enjoy reading about what club members have been up to… MJ even makes an appearance!

Triathlon Inverness Tri BitesJuly 4, 2017

This is a special edition of Tri Bites all about triathlon superstar Nigel Shaddick who recently did an epic 3 day bike ride to celebrate his 50th birthday and raise money and awareness for the charity Mesothelioma UK – here is a link to Nigel’s Just Giving page if you’d like to donate.  Well done Nigel, you are awesome!

Tri Bites Special

As usual there has been a huge amount of activity from club members so watch this space for the next editions of Tri Bites coming out soon with news of other events from June and July.

Triathlon Inverness Tri BitesJune 6, 2017

The rest of May and now the start of June has been packed full of racing and events from various club members.  Check out the latest in this months Tri Bites.

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Triathlon Inverness Tri BitesMay 11, 2017

Here’s the latest edition of Tri Bites… enjoy!

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Triathlon Inverness Tri BitesApril 27, 2017

Check out what club members have been up to so far this year with the new instalment of Tri Bites… We hope you enjoy!

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Nairn Trialthlon 2016 ResultsSeptember 24, 2016

Congratulations to all who took part in the Nairn Triathlons, both the Novice and Sprint events.  A huge thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their time both on the day and in the weeks and months leading up to the event: it wouldn’t happen without them.

Results for Novice and Sprint 2016

Nairn Triathlon 2016 Route MapsSeptember 1, 2016

Both the Novice and Sprint events start in the Swimming Pool.  After the swim, competitors will exit from the side door of the pool into the car park where your bikes will be racked.  This is the first transition, or T1.


After changing and putting on your helmet, the push your bikes to the road where you can mount up and start your cycle.

Nairn 2015 Bike Routes

Both Novice and Sprint competitors cycle out of Nairn to the east.  From the swimming pool you turn left and it’s a quiet road until you reach the busy A96, where you go straight on.  There will be a marshal there but they cannot stop the traffic for you: you must follow the rules of the road and take great care.  The next hazard is a pedestrian crossing: if the lights are at red you must stop or you will be disqualified.  These operate fairly quickly, so you will not be held up for long.  Cross the bridge and at the traffic lights turn left.


The you head past the golf club along the single track road to Culbin Woods.  It is normally very quiet but keep to the left in case of on-coming traffic.  The Novice route has a turn half way along the road: this will be marshalled so you won’t miss the turn.  The Sprint route continues on until the right turn to Brodie, then it’s left, left, left in a triangle and back to Nairn.

On passing the golf club a second time turn right into Merry Gardens which narrows to a cyclepath/lane with a barrier at the end before you re-join the road, so you must dismount here.  Another right and the second transition will soon appear.

Transition 2

You will be asked to dismount before entering the second transition (T2).  There you can rack your bike and start your run.  Novice runners turn right and head towards the footbridge over the river.  Run past the harbour then along the beach front path to the swimming pool, where you turn and head back to the finish at T2.

Novice run route

The Sprint competitors turn left from T2 and run up alongside the river as far as the bridge for the A96.  There you turn and run back, past T2, over the foot bridge, past the harbour and along the beach path.  You run past the swimming pool until you reach the set of bollards at the end of the path where you turn.  It’s a straight run back to the finish line at T2.

Sprint run route

Nairn Triathlon 2015 ResultsSeptember 27, 2015

Congratulations to all who took part in the Nairn Triathlons, both the Novice and Sprint events.  A huge thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their time both on the day and in the weeks and months leading up to the event: it wouldn’t happen without them.

Here are the final results

There are a couple of changes to the provisional results, a couple of people started the swim without “dibbing” their timing chips correctly so had incorrect overall times.  I hope you are not too disappointed that I’ve corrected this, but it was the fair thing to do.

Cancelation of Alness AquathlonJune 14, 2015

Due to personal circumstances, it has been decided that we are not in a position to run Alness Aquathlon in July. At this late stage it is too short notice to give the work over to someone and with the poor uptake of Nairn Aquathlon it is felt that a lot of work and club money would go into an event which might not attract many entrants.

I apologise for pulling the event, but have some suggestions for going forward.

1) If club members wanted an aquathlon training session instead they could arrange to do this using public swimming or if there was coach available, book a couple of lanes at Inverness or Nairn (Alness would require booking entire pool at more cost). 

2) A date could be found in August to rearrange – either at Nairn or Alness. This would involve someone taking on the organisation of the event, including booking the pool, managing entries and sending necessary paperwork to TriathlonScotland almost immediately. They would also need to be lead organiser on the day. The event would also require around 15-20 volunteers to marshal and lap count on the day. As things stand I am not in a position to do this but I would happily guide you in the right direction and most of the paperwork, route planning, risk assessment etc is already done.

If you want to help out but the responsibility of the above is perhaps too much, then Patrick is doing a great job of getting things sorted and delegating tasks for Nairn Triathlon and I am sure he would appreciate more people to divide the work between. 

If anyone has any other suggestions please let us know as in the past this event has been popular and it would be a shame for it to disappear from our calendar completely.

Winter Duathlon – Take TwoFebruary 19, 2015

The second Duathlon for 2015 will be at Culloden Wood from the Tower Road Forestry Commission car park (overflow parking at the FC offices across the road), on Saturday 21st February – starting at 09.30am.

The event will consist of a 1.2km run loop on forest paths, (route map) and a 2.4km bike loop on forest roads (FC yellow route). The course will be open for an hour and the aim is to complete as many loops as you can. You can do 1 of each or keep going – up to you!

The run route is fairly muddy and has some steeper sections, is carpeted with fallen tree debris and includes twice over a bridge – lots to keep you on your toes! The bike route has steeper sections and includes a fair bit of climbing but remember what goes up must come down so there is some reward – there is also a number of historical sites around the route.

As the event is being run under the Outdoor Access Code the maximum number of participants is 40 so please arrive promptly at 9.00am to “register”.

IMPORTANT BITS: You are responsible for your bike being in good working order with safe, fully functioning brakes. You MUST wear a helmet at all times while mounted. You will be using public paths and MUST ride and run in a responsible manner following the Outdoor Access Code. Please carry emergency contact details on your person e.g. name and phone number and any medical details.

Children under 12 years MUST be accompanied throughout the course to ensure their safety and to keep them on course.

There will be no marshals and limited route signage on the course – the permanent yellow route posts will be there – it is your responsibility not to get lost!

See you all there!!