Triathlon Inverness was founded at the end of 2010 by a small group of friends.  The story starts in the depths of winter when Jane Pottie and Anna MacArthur started swimming together regularly and had the brainwave of competing in some triathlons.   They spent the summer clocking up a number of events from Bishopbriggs Novice triathlon to the local duathlon the Monster Challenge.  As the year went on they roped more friends into their enthusiastic endeavours with more first timers trying out the Aberdeenshire series.  Jane finished the season by dipping her toes into her first open-water triathlon in the warm Mediterranean, competing in the Barcelona Sprint.

As the season drew to a close they started thinking big and founded the club with the aim to:

“encourage and co-ordinate the participation in, and the promotion of, all aspects of triathlon and related multi-sport events and the training for, and coaching of, each and all of the individual disciplines of swimming, running and cycling.”

Having sought out a number of experienced triathletes in the area and with the help of Triathlon Scotland, the group produced an exciting development plan.  Which can be found here along with the club constitution and other important documents.