Nairn Triathlon 2016 Route Maps

Both the Novice and Sprint events start in the Swimming Pool.  After the swim, competitors will exit from the side door of the pool into the car park where your bikes will be racked.  This is the first transition, or T1.


After changing and putting on your helmet, the push your bikes to the road where you can mount up and start your cycle.

Nairn 2015 Bike Routes

Both Novice and Sprint competitors cycle out of Nairn to the east.  From the swimming pool you turn left and it’s a quiet road until you reach the busy A96, where you go straight on.  There will be a marshal there but they cannot stop the traffic for you: you must follow the rules of the road and take great care.  The next hazard is a pedestrian crossing: if the lights are at red you must stop or you will be disqualified.  These operate fairly quickly, so you will not be held up for long.  Cross the bridge and at the traffic lights turn left.


The you head past the golf club along the single track road to Culbin Woods.  It is normally very quiet but keep to the left in case of on-coming traffic.  The Novice route has a turn half way along the road: this will be marshalled so you won’t miss the turn.  The Sprint route continues on until the right turn to Brodie, then it’s left, left, left in a triangle and back to Nairn.

On passing the golf club a second time turn right into Merry Gardens which narrows to a cyclepath/lane with a barrier at the end before you re-join the road, so you must dismount here.  Another right and the second transition will soon appear.

Transition 2

You will be asked to dismount before entering the second transition (T2).  There you can rack your bike and start your run.  Novice runners turn right and head towards the footbridge over the river.  Run past the harbour then along the beach front path to the swimming pool, where you turn and head back to the finish at T2.

Novice run route

The Sprint competitors turn left from T2 and run up alongside the river as far as the bridge for the A96.  There you turn and run back, past T2, over the foot bridge, past the harbour and along the beach path.  You run past the swimming pool until you reach the set of bollards at the end of the path where you turn.  It’s a straight run back to the finish line at T2.

Sprint run route