Winter Duathlon – Take Two

The second Duathlon for 2015 will be at Culloden Wood from the Tower Road Forestry Commission car park (overflow parking at the FC offices across the road), on Saturday 21st February Рstarting at 09.30am.

The event will consist of a 1.2km run loop on forest paths, (route map) and a 2.4km bike loop on forest roads (FC yellow route). The course will be open for an hour and the aim is to complete as many loops as you can. You can do 1 of each or keep going – up to you!

The run route is fairly muddy and has some steeper sections, is carpeted with fallen tree debris and includes twice over a bridge – lots to keep you on your toes! The bike route has steeper sections and includes a fair bit of climbing but remember what goes up must come down so there is some reward – there is also a number of historical sites around the route.

As the event is being run under the Outdoor Access Code the maximum number of participants is 40 so please arrive promptly at 9.00am to “register”.

IMPORTANT BITS: You are responsible for your bike being in good working order with safe, fully functioning brakes. You MUST wear a helmet at all times while mounted. You will be using public paths and MUST ride and run in a responsible manner following the Outdoor Access Code. Please carry emergency contact details on your person e.g. name and phone number and any medical details.

Children under 12 years MUST be accompanied throughout the course to ensure their safety and to keep them on course.

There will be no marshals and limited route signage on the course – the permanent yellow route posts will be there – it is your responsibility not to get lost!

See you all there!!